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Top Fitness Questions

Originally posted on Nick Burgraff:
There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of questions about training, nutrition, health, and wellness. Some of the questions are actually very great well thought out questions, and others, well… not so much. But in keeping with the true spirit of “the only stupid question one that doesn’t get asked”,…

Pig Race

Pinned and Did It | Bacon Cheddar Mac’n Cheese

Experimental Cook! – Bacon Parmesan Penne

Bacon + Egg Cups

Kansas City – Bacon Fest

Originally posted on In Pursuit of Pork:
There are only a handful of festivals across the nation totally dedicated to the love of bacon. As we all know, Kansas City has the best barbecue, but what you might not know is that it also has the best Bacon Fest! This is one of the most…

Oink oink

Originally posted on Fashion Food and Opera :
My dear friend was craving bacon this morning so we decided to check out a cafe famous for their bacon selection and this is what arrived for her meal.