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Student Success Statement 12

“Every time I’ve done something that doesn’t feel right, it’s ended up not being right.” -Mario Cuomo I think this quote is trying to say that you if you have a gut feeling that you are doing something wrong, it most likely is. For example, if your conscience is telling you that what you are […]

Class Presentations

Pediatrician by Alex and Maritza i don’t think i would be able to do this because honestly i am not interested to work with children at all, i have no patience to work with them. 12 years of school is to much for me, i’d rather go into the workforce as soon as i get […]

Forensic Scientist

Forensic scientist3 from arod42

Jay Cutler Drops It Low On The Steelers

Originally posted on Joe Montana's Right Arm:
Remember when Jay Cutler’s toughness was questioned during the 2010 NFC Championship game against the Packers? A different Cutler is in Chicago at the moment. He ran over unsuspecting Steelers defensive back William Golden to help stifle Steeler second-half momentum. Moments later, the Bears scored again in…

Bears Win 40-23, Steelers Fall To 0-3

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Bears (3-0) dominate with defense, Steelers drop to 0-3

Student Success Statement 11

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” -Henry David Thoreau I think this quote is trying to say that acts of kindness is the only action that will always lead you to success every single time. Cheating and lying may lead to success at times but once you are caught, you will fail from […]