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The Internet

The internet is helpful to people and greatly impacts the lives of billions across the world. It allows to talk to distant family members or friends and do research for projects for school. I think in a few years, the way its evolving, the internet will take over a majority of everyone’s life and it […]

Student Success Statement 23

“I wasn’t trying to leave a legacy. I was trying to do what was right.” -Dean Smith This quote is trying to say, that when you are use to doing to the right thing on a normal basis, it becomes second nature to you. You can go on without even noticing the great impact that you […]

Chocolate Fondue

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Originally posted on WC Treats:
Every chocolate lover is a Nutella Lover! So brace yourself for the winter. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate by the fire place all cuddled and cozy in a blanket. Well Nutella hot chocolate is even more perfect for the occasion. -Just heat up a mug of milk (from 1:30 to…

TSJ’s No-Bake Nutella Bat Truffles

Originally posted on That's SO Jenn!:
Many years ago, I was walking into my parents house at night when a bat flew over my head! I screamed! With shaky hands and a pounding heart, I called Hubby (who was then ‘Boyfriend’) to tell him about my encounter. His response? “Imagine how the bat felt!…

Peanut Butter Mug Cake

Originally posted on DB and Jelly:
We’ve all had those days. The ones where you need something sweet, and your house decided to be all out of cookies, brownies, or anything sugary and satisfying. It’s too late to get out of your pajamas and run the the store, and you just can’t summon up the…

Saturday Chocolate cupcakes

Originally posted on I Eat Therefore I Blog:
Kathy decided instead of scones she would bake something different today for afternoon tea, she made chocolate cupcakes, l am surprised some managed to survive it to the fridge for tomorrow afternoon tea.