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Bacon and Hash Brown Egg Cups

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the convenience of muffin tin cooking/ baking for things other than muffins. Here is yet another creation, combing all that I know to be good in the world: hash browns, bacon, eggs, greek yogurt, and lots and lots of cheese. Enjoy!


Eggs (3 eggs made three cups)
Greek yogurt (about one tbs per egg)
Cheese (your choice, as always)
Cooked hash browns or hash brown patties

Make It Happen

Preheat oven to 205C or 400F

Put hash browns in oven (if patties) or cook up on skillet

Line the bottoms of muffin tins with hash browns (if you have loose hash browns, you could make a realy great crust for the cups by lining the entire cup with the browns) 

Wrap bacon around the hash brown (or inside the crust if filling inside of muffin tin with hash browns) 

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