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History of the Internet

Lizet and Carlos

  • It was published in 1974 and ever since then it has changed the social life and communication of the world. It was used as a weapon during the course of the Cold War. The initial idea was given to Leonard Kleinrock.

Alex and Amanda

  • During the 1990’s, society was still trying to find a purpose for the internet and didn’t know it would become as big as it did. Started when Eisenhower launched ARPA in 1957. By 2001 9.8 million e-mails are being sent daily.

Maritza and Danielle

  • Ray Tomilson creates the electronic mail started in 1972. The first website was launched in 1994 by the white house. BY 1996 there is about 45 million people using the internet. And ten years later, there is about 92 million different websites online. In 2000, the dot com bubble bursts.

Mario and Ismael

  • The purpose was to built a fault-free way to research and communicate. It was used in the beginning to communicate through different computers. I was introduced in 1994 to the public. Tim Berners-Lee is known as the father of the world wide web.

Anthony and Scott

  • The process of the Internet began in the 1950’s. in 1969 the first host computer was installed at UCLA. The internet became accessible to the public public through AOL or Earthlink.

Melissa and Alejandra

  • The internet didn’t have one single inventor, it took a team of inventors to create it. In 1973 the term internet was beginning to be used for the description of it. In 1976, Steve Jobs released his first ever apple computer. Although the internet has a lot of positive uses, it has dozens of negative effects as well.

Damien and Johnathan

  • The ARPANET was the beginning of the internet, it was used as a blue print for what we recognize the internet to be today. We use the internet for good uses such as online classes and communicating.

Alex Franco

  • The inventions of the radio, computer and telephone stage for the internet. The first recorded information abut the creation of the internet was a series of memos from Licklider. Kahn and Cerf were the two main creators of the internet. Iceland is the most internet using country in the world at 95% user rate.

David and Aurora

  • The origins can be traced all the way back to 1821, when to first computer was made. ARPANET’s goal was to get rid of the huge amount of space that computer occupied by creating a way for them to interact through a networking system. By 2020 as many as 5 billion people are projected to begin using the internet in their lives.

Wendy and Jocelyn

  • The cons of the internet is the reliability factor of it; your information is out in the open and can possibly be stolen by hijackers who are looking for accounts to steal money from.  On September 10, 1973 Cerf gave the first public seminar explain his ideas and demonstrating how the internet will work. The U.S. and China are the two most internet using countries in the world.

Astrith and Jocelyn

  • Before the internet, the means of communication were the telegraph and telephone. The 4 first major computers were located at Stanford University, University of Utah, UCSB and UCLA. It was a very new and complicated process to learn how to use a computer in the 1960’s. Ray Tomlinson was the individual who started the use of the @ symbol in the internet.

Margarita and Bianca

  • May 31, 1961: Leonard Kleinrock wrote his first paper describing the process and blue prints for this network connection that would lead to the internet. The internet  began being used in 1969 but at that time it was under a contract on how it was to be used. Queen Elizabeth was the first leader to use e-mail.

Vanessa and Odalys

  • Computers use TCP/IP network protocols to transmit and transfer data. The internet is a medium of information and news that is known.  1984, DNS is created and begun the use of “.com”, “.org”, and “.net”. In 1984, the first internet worm shuts down 10% of the world’s computers. In 1994, the first incident of “spam” is seen and this created the awareness and use of the word spam.

Marcos and Steve

  • The internet at first, was used to transfer information about the US defense system through various colleges. Also just as it was intended, it was used to gather data quickly on a short times notice.  The US uses the internet for various of everyday obstacles we face such as shopping, banking, socializing, doing business, ect.

Juan and Katheryn

  • The first ever internet network was called ‘IMP’ and it was launched in UCLA. The internet had a high rise in usage rate during the 1990’s, when it became more accessible to the public. And after 2000, or Y2K, the internet began to impact the lives of billions all around the world.

Jerry and Denisse

  •  The Internet is basically just wire, but the way you connect to it is different: satellite, mobile, or through wiring.  As time goes on, the evolution of computers leads them to have a smaller size but having more faster process.

Daniela and Raul

  • The internet is the most popular way to spread news because it is accessible to anywhere around the world. In 1992 many entrepreneurs began to use the internet to sell and market their goods to the public to increase income.

Israel, Natalie, Diana

  • The planning began in Switzerland during the late 60’s with some of the top researchers and programmers. Almost about 250 billion e-mails are sent on a daily basis around the world.

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