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Caramel Apple Cupcakes

lemons and a whisk


When the weekend comes around all I want to do is lounge and be in the kitchen.  I wish I had an endless money supply so I could test out as many new recipes as possible.  Hey, a girl can dream.  Last weekend I had to use up the rest of my apples I had picked up at the farm, so i decided to test out these caramel apple cupcakes.  To be honest they were not my favorite.  The icing was very sweet from the caramel and the cake was more muffin-like than cake-like.  So what do I do with baked goods that go awry? Feed them to my students.  They are always willing to be my taste testers.  What happened last year when I made cookies that came out hard as a rock?  Gave them to my kids.  They told me they were gross, yet they continued to eat…

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