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Two excellent and easy desserts!

Taste and See

Lately I have been making a lot of desserts, and most of them have some form of chocolate in them.  When I went home a few weeks ago my mom told me about a recipe she wanted to try, lunchroom lady brownies. Apparently, the recipe comes from an Idaho cafeteria.  The recipe was entered into multiple contests and always won.  Now I don’t know what kind of food was given to you in your school cafeterias, but I did not receive brownies like this.  The brownie base has more of a cake consistency but is still really fudgy.  The recipe is pretty straight forward, and like most other brownie recipes, except for the fact that you melt the butter and add it in the beginning of the recipe.  Also, the frosting (which is made with evaporated milk) is added while the brownies are still warm.  I thought these were…

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