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Barbecue Festival

The World Of Barbecue

The RibFest is probably my favourite festival that occurs here in Canada specifically Sparks Street where most events are hosted. Where I am in Canada it comes by around the month of June. At the RibFest you can find all types of different barbecued foods, my favourites are the Ribs and Chicken.Image


The Ribfest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD0Lv9855kg#t=15

Here are some Directions.


Not from Canada?: From Ottawa’s International Airport exit on Airport Parkway. Go 5.5 KM. Turn right on Wakley Road. Go 0.5 KM. Turn left on Bank Street. Go 1.0 KM. Continue on Bank for 2.4 KM. Turn right on Queen Elizabeth Drive and travel 1.9 KM to Elgin Street. Travel north on Elgin for 1.6 KM and you will arrive at the east end of the Sparks Street Mall.


Are you from the East?: Travel east on Highway 417 (Queensway). You will pass through the west end of…

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