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Health Sciences Librarian

Duties and Responsibilities

Health science librarians provide access to medical information using sources such as books, pamphlets, journals, tapes, multimedia presentations, and the Internet to  help health providers, patients, and students sort through large amounts of information on certain topics. They usually work in a library of a health organization, a pharmaceutical company, health information centers, and medical schools.



During High school they are recommended to take tough courses in science, math, and English. They also need bachelor’s degree  in science and computer science and a master’s degree in library science (MLS). If they want to get a higher position in their work, they must take an examination that will test their knowledge and skills.


I don’t think this is the job for me because I always thought of being a librarian as a boring job with very little fun on a daily basis. But from what i can see through the educational requirements, its no the normal librarian job but i am still no that interested.



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