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Nursing Home Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities:

As a Nursing Home Administrator, you are responsible for the overall operations, leadership, management, success of the facility, financial management, quality assurance, regulatory management, business development goals and maximization of revenue, family relations, resident care. In addition, responsible for attracting and retaining top performing talented team members as well as the supervision and career coaching of existing team members on staff.




They are required a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration but most nursing home administrators have master’s degrees in long-term care administration. A typical program may result in a Master of Science in Health Administration degree. Courses may focus on business skills. Also its very important to learn about health law, healthcare information systems and medical statistics.

Reflection: This job is  actually interesting to me because you are the one whose in control and the pay isn’t that bad either. You really don’t work hands on with the patients which to me is a bonus. Plus the fact that it combines two fields that I’m interested in entering is amazing, i love the medical field and the business aspect of it as well.

Nursing Home Administrator and Management Medical Professional Witness No. 3627



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