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Operating Room Technician

Duties and Responsibilities:

While they are called Operating room technicians, they also go by the name surgical technician. The main task they do is prepare the operating rooms for surgery.  They are responsible for having surgical instruments, sterile bandages and linens, needed fluids, and other equipment laid out for the operation.  If needed they stand beside the doctors and hand them needed instruments during surgery.


$16,000 – $22,000


As an OR technician you must have a high school diploma or GED. You must also go to  vocational school that gives the training classes need to fulfill the requirements. Lastly, you must pass an examination to be certified to work.


I don’t think I would have a future as an OR technician, all they do is the grunt work in surgery. They are basically their to make sure everything runs smoothly. If I had interest in this field, I would rather rather be a surgeon and perform the surgery.


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