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Three Meat Pizza

What's for Dinner Moms?

Three Meat Pizza

Life happens to all of us.  It takes our best plans and turns them inside out and upside down.  How do I keep us from eating out when days like this happen?  By planning ahead.  Really.

I keep a stock of pre-made pizza crusts in the cupboard or the freezer, I have 2-3 packages of hot dogs on hand, at least 2 packages of ground beef and bags of frozen vegetables just for times like these.  It still allows me to be creative, if I can, or just throw something together.

Tonight was one of those nights.  I was thankful for the pre-made pizza crusts.  I turned a jar of spaghetti sauce into pizza sauce and what I thought was ground beef was actually ground Italian sausage.  It works.


The kids were pleased with this pizza.  They loved the added bacon flavor and can’t wait to try this new…

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