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Acts of Kindness

  1. buying food for someone else
  2. sharing food
  3. helping them with hw
  4. opening the door
  5. helping them move something
  6. letting them take your seat
  7. encouragement
  8. defending them
  9. giving directions
  10. give them donations
  11. lending them $
  12. helping your elders
  13. doing the chores without being told
  14. driving people to places where they need to go
  15. giving an extra tip
  16. guide others to success
  17. making others happy
  18. tutoring
  19. buying necessities for others
  20. a simple greet
  21. compliment others
  22. talking politely
  23. allow them to borrow from you
  24. let them sleep over during hard times
  25. help parents with tasks

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