” Obedience is central to becoming, being, and remaining happy.” -David A. Dednar This quote is saying that the key factor to you having success in life is being obedient. The more you are capable to live with out breaking any laws or rules the easier life will be and the rewards will be plentiful. […]

100 goals

I never thought i would actually succeed in finishing some of these goals but i actually did. It scary because most were long term goals. I am pretty sure i am capable of finishing these goals in the next ten years as long as i dedicate myself to it.

Class Reflection

1. What did you like about this class? The projects we did as partners. 2. What did you dislike about this class? Not really having free time as much. 3. What can you recommend to improve this class? Have more projects that are group related. 4. What will you always remember about this class? CHOOSE […]

“OBEDIENCE… IS THE PRIMARY OBJECT OF ALL SOUND EDUCATION.” -Elizabeth Missing Sewell This quote is saying that in order for you to get the best education available to you, you need to learn to be obedient. If you screw around and disobey the teacher or professor, you’re getting nothing out of the education. If you […]

Western Medical Doctor

Duties: their duties are to assess patients in order to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease using clinical judgment. Salary $74,000 Education: After getting passing and getting your bachelor’s  and master’s degree, you must apply to medical school. After completing medical school, you must pass the MCAT to become a licensed doctor. Reflection: I dont think […]

“Obedience sums up our entire duty” -Hosea Ballou this quote is saying that the main focus for everyone should be to be obedient. You must do everything possible to carry out anything that is asked of you. It can also help you in the future part of your life in your job or where ever […]

Eastern Medicine Doctor

Duties and Responsibilities:  They identify a pattern of energetic imbalance within a patient and redress that disharmony through a variety of therapies  Salary: $30,000 – $150,000 Education: You must go to a professional school for 5-8 years, depending on the availability of the courses you need to take. Reflection: I am not interested in this […]