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“The more obedient we are, the more freedom we have”

-Boyd K. Packer

This quote is saying that the more you follow orders from your superiors, the more freedoms you will be awarded to have. If you disobey them, those freedoms will be taken away. Also it saying that the right thing will always be rewarded in this case it just so happens to be freedom.

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state or quality of being obedient


submission, subservience, deference


dog obeying owner

student listening to teacher

children listening to parents

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Military Medical Careers

Duties and Responsibilities:

Depending on the outlet you choose, you will help any soldiers that are on tour in need of medical attention. If you are a surgeon you will be the busiest of them all.




You need to attend the medical in the military academy you wish to enter.


I actually thought about this to become a surgeon but i dont want to be in the military at all. I mean it will be faster to become a surgeon this way but I still wouldn’t do it.

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Effects of Drug Abuse

The effects of drug not only impact your physical and mental health, but also your social health. Many of those around you will begin to despise the monster or addict that you are becoming do to the drugs. Make sure you always have a support group when trying to come clean cause the loneliness could send you spiraling back into the drug usage.


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“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

-Benjamin Franklin

This quote is saying that you must make the most out of the day so start it early and get your things done first. The earlier you finish, the more you can accomplish compare to those who choose to sleep in. Time is money, why would you want to sleep in?

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Oriental Medicine Doctor

Duties and Responsibilities:

They must evaluate a patient’s symptoms and identify what organs or tissues are causing the ailment, and come up with a customized plan that incorporates oriental herbs and practices into a treatment.




It is preferred that the person has a Bachelor’s degree in biology or another medical related field, then go on to fill state requirements for practicing oriental medicine


I think this is an interesting job, the pay is good but I’m nervous of messing up on the acupuncture. I dont think i have the steady hands that are required to insert the needles in the specific place required.


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5 tips for health

  • healthy diet
  • avoid smoking
  • active
  • health body weight
  • reduce stress

Out of all of these i must reduce my stress and limit how much I eat out.